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Job for a Cowboy

Listening to the ridiculously accomplished, hyper-speed, eardrum-melting deathcore/grind on Job for a Cowboy's debut full-length, Genesis — blast beats, demon-growl vocals and mauling razorwire riffs galore — you figure these have got to be some burly, bearded Scandinavian metal vets who've wallowed in the shit of life for years. Somewhat shocking to discover, then, that the creators of this unholy, high-precision racket are five dudes from Arizona barely out of high school, who first started playing together in middle school. Clearly, they've absorbed the lessons delivered by the likes of Napalm Death, Carcass and Cattle Decapitation, and it's paid off. The quintet's prodigious skills — plus plenty of online buzz — helped Genesis become one of Billboard's highest-charting metal debuts of the past decade upon its May release. Revolver dubbed the act one of its "Breakthrough Bands That Will Be Kicking Your Ass This Year" — and that's sure to happen if you find yourself anywhere near the violent pit guaranteed to form at this show.

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