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Kanye West says he's sorry. Again. Do you believe him?

All right, by now you've seen the clip of Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at this past weekend's MTV Video Music Awards (see the clip after the jump if you haven't already), an act of utter douchebaggery that's been universally condemned: Katy Perry likened the outburst to stepping on a kitten; Kelly Clarkson unabashedly denounced West in a blog post and even President Obama reportedly called dude a jackass (off the record, of course). Last night, West appeared on The Jay Leno Show seeming completely contrite and, perhaps playing the sympathy card, blamed his eggregious outburst on the death of his mother and the fact that he hasn't really taken the time to grieve her passing.

So, do you buy it? Or is this just yet another display of West's overblown ego in which he willfully casts himself as the center of the known universe? Or was it the Hennessy talking? We're gonna go with all of the above. In the sober light of day upon realizing what a boner move that was, he likely had a chance to reflect on how his mother would've viewed his behavior -- the same as the rest of our mothers would have presumably had we acted out similarly fashion -- and felt shameful. What do you think? Do you believe him? Do you care? Is he half as talented as he thinks he is? Feel free to weigh in after the jump.

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