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Buzz bands from here, there and everywhere are nicking U.K. sounds, but too many of them are targeting the same period: the early '80s post-punk days, when it was okay to wear any color as long as it was black, and young men were discovering how much fun they could have with Mom's mascara. Fortunately, this was a musically rich period, but after the thousandth nod to Robert Smith, even the most devoted Anglophile may be hungry for some variety. Enter Kasabian (left), whose members borrow from a slightly different time -- namely the late '80s and early '90s, when acts such as the Stone Roses developed their own Manchester sound. Although Sergio Pizzorno, Christopher Karloff, Tom Meighan and Chris Edwards collectively named themselves for an American (Linda Kasabian was a twisted sister in the Manson family), "Club Foot" and other highlights from their self-titled debut approximate the ecstatic, pharmaceuticals-fueled psychedelia that kept Mancunian dance floors jammed as the Maggie Thatcher era wound down -- yet they sound surprisingly fresh. Kasabian, which arrives in Denver with Mad Action in tow, demonstrates that in the current environment, being the first to rip off a past style constitutes the 21st-century equivalent of originality.
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