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Ken Andrews

Ken Andrews has worked hard to make certain he could never be called a Failure, even though that was the name of his best-known band. Formed in 1990, the group released three well-regarded albums, gigged extensively with Tool and other heavyweights, and even performed on Lollapalooza's main stage prior to its 1997 breakup. In the years that followed, Andrews fronted ON and Year of the Rabbit, neither of which clicked with the public — but instead of abandoning music, he moved behind the scenes, serving as a producer and mixer for acts ranging from Blink 182 and Jimmy Eat World to Beck and Tenacious D. Recently, though, he's stepped back into the spotlight to promote Secrets of the Lost Satellite, a new solo album, and Live, his current release, both of which feature strong vocals and moody melodies that suggest a mature variation on his '90s efforts. Clearly, Andrews, who's touring alongside singer-songwriter Charlotte Martin (who also happens to be his wife), is very much living for today rather than falling prey to past Failure.

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