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Lady GaGa

Joanne Germanotta, who goes by Lady GaGa, has the young Madge's shtick down cold. Note the Entertainment Weekly interview in which she declared herself to be "great at art" and determined to make "important" music even as she claimed that the line "I wanna take a ride on your disco stick," from "Love Game," was significant because it sexually empowered women — to ride on disco sticks, presumably. Of course, GaGa — supported on this date by White Tie Affair, Chester French and Cinema Bizarre — is mainly interested in celebrity status (it takes a special kind of moxie to name a first album The Fame), and if she's got to wear ass-cheek-displaying outfits and suggestively lick her finger in videos, she's gonna do it! But don't hate her because she's skankalicious. If much of The Fame is forgettable, "Poker Face" and, especially, "Just Dance" are mindlessly irresistible whether Ms. G declares them to be great and important or not.

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