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Last Night: Matt and Kim light up the Ogden Theatre - 9/24/10

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After some hyping, they thanked the crowd for showing up and gave a brief oral history of their times in Denver before launching into "I Wanna." It's hard not to be tight when you're a two-piece band, but Matt and Kim were really in the groove, standing on a drum throne here, amping up the crowd there, pulling on a Budweiser in between.

While the group decided to start drinking during their set instead of before (because the high altitude makes them lightweights, natch), everyone around me in the front had their livers set to stun by the time the band took the stage -- especially the dude hunched over a railing below a staircase with a pool of vomit at his feet and a female friend rubbing his back. Bummer, guy.

While Matt and Kim didn't play any songs off their upcoming record, Sidewalks, of which only one single, "Cameras," has been released, they pulled cuts from all parts of their discography. "I just want to hear shit I can sing along to," Johnson commented, likely echoing the sentiments of the audience.

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Nick Lucchesi
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