Listen to "Still Time," the first Bop Skizzum song featuring the act's new lead singer, Julie Almeria

Remember last month when we introduced you to Bop Skizzum's new singer, Julie Almeria? She made her live debut last month at Cervantes' when Skizzum warmed up for Fishbone. Shortly after that gig, the band was slated to head up to the Blasting Room to record some of the new material they'd been working on. Well, the first fruits of their labor are finally here in the form of a brand new tune called "Still Time."

Instant verdict: While we'd love tell you how much we dig the tune, the truth is we're not feeling it. The track, co-produced by the band and Christopher Jak and recorded by Andrew Berlin, doesn't do much for us. Although Almeria's clearly got a strong voice, the cut just isn't that memorable. The chorus, in particular, combined with the handclaps in the bridge, reminds us of a song that could've easily been on the soundtrack of one of those interchangeable Ralph Macchio movies from the '80s, like Teachers or something -- the type of flick that hardly anybody remembers, that randomly crops up on basic cable every now and then.

Just the same, we're going to reserve further judgement on the latest incarnation of the act until we've seen Almeria live and heard what else the outfit has up its sleeve. Andy Guerrero (aka Andy Rok), who leads the band, has musicality to spare and generally has rather keen melodic sensibilities as a songwriter. Not to mention, there's some heavy hitters on his squad. And so we're definitely eager to see what else these cats come up with. In the meantime, page down to have a listen for yourself and see what you think.

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