Reader: Logan Paul Deserves "Penis Cancer"

A scene from Logan Paul's ripoff of the Flobots' "No Handlebars."
A scene from Logan Paul's ripoff of the Flobots' "No Handlebars." Logan Paul
Last week we reported that the Denver alternative hip-hop act the Flobots had waged war against vlogger Logan Paul, who ripped off the band's 2005 hit "Handlebars," turning it into a sexist music video.

Flobot Jonny 5 responded with a dis track that blasted Paul for being an immature misogynist failing in the #metoo moment — and a lousy artist, to boot. The Flobots video is below.

Readers responded with a wave of support for the Flobots and disgust for Paul.

Jason writes:
The Paul brothers are easily some of the worst souls humanity has to offer. I hope they get penis cancer.
Summer adds:
Please please PLEASE knock that cocky little shit down a few pegs. He needs to learn how to use his fame for good or he ought to find a real job like the rest of us.
Alexander weighs in:
Fuck the vlogger dude. Flobots deserve respect.
Over the years the Flobots have involved themselves in a host of activist campaigns. They've advocated against wars and the emerald-ash borer and for environmental causes and racial justice.

Read on for more of our coverage of the Flobots.
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