Lost Lake Lounge set to open tonight

Matt LaBarge, co-owner of the popular South Broadway spots hi-dive and Sputnik, says he's all set to open his third spot, The Lost Lake Lounge, at 5 p.m. tonight. He's turned the former Bulldog Bar space, and Mr. Von's Almo before that, into something of a cabin-styled lounge since that's what the place is set up for. "I'm just kind of loosely following what's already there," says LaBarge of the space, which has a wood interior and a wood-burning fireplace.

It will be a piano bar on Sundays and Mondays, and while the guy who'll play on Sundays can do standards and classics, he might mix it up with with indie rock from the last ten years or so, with some Radiohead and the Strokes. Starting in April, LaBarge will bring in bands for monthly residencies on Thursdays, where bands will curate each night of the month.

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