Love.45 in search of new bassist to replace Danny Elster

Just received word that Danny Elster, longtime bassist and co-frontman of Love.45, a modern rock act that made considerable waves in the mid-'00s (how weird does that look?), recently parted ways with the group, which is now in the hunt for someone new to hold down the low end.

The exodus of Elster, who reportedly split with the group for personal reasons, comes on the heels of guitarist Paul Trinidad's departure, who left the act himself last year. His replacement, Jeff Beaird, and the other remaining members, frontman/guitarist Mick Shivers and drummer Jim Messina, plan to continue. As of now, the players are unsure whether they'll retain the Love.45 moniker or rechristen the band. Interested in joining the band? Feel free to get in touch with Shivers. Hold on, though, before you click on that link, from the looks for their requirements (posted after the jump), you better make sure you have your shit together first.

"What we need before deciding all that is to find a kick ass bass player, with good vocal and stage skills. All potential candidates must have their shit together, including no drug problems, family issues, have proper gear, ability to make time for a creative project, and the ability to learn quickly. Flexibility in scheduling for shows and rehearsals is a must. We would like someone interested in writing songs, recording, playing live shows and having a generally kick ass time doing it."

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Dave Herrera
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