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Matt Morris is no longer a Tenmann Recording artist?

Yeah, that headline threw us for a loop as well. "Dear Family, Friends & Fans," begins Matt Morris's Tumblr post yesterday. "There's some news I have to share. It's pretty big, so Mom - if you're standing, you better sit down. As of today, I am no longer a Tennman Records Artist..."

WTF? The kid got dropped already? Seriously? By one of his best friends from childhood? Eh-eh. Not so much. That's what we thought, too. Keep reading...

"I am a Tennman / Interscope Records Artist!!! (Take deep breaths, Mom. You're screaming.) That's right! Today, I officially got full-fledged distribution for my album with Interscope Records! For everyone who's been wondering when you're going to see my record in your local store, or hear "Live Forever" on the radio, those days are right around the corner!"

Ah, that's more like it. Evidently, it gives Mr. Morris -- featured in a Q&A earlier this week on -- great joy to yank our chain. (Nice work, BTW.) But really, who didn't see this coming? Evidently, Jimmy Iovine, who's been in the business long enough and knows when he's got something special on his hands, had the same reaction that we did when we saw Morris last month at the Bluebird.

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