Maybe Japan's on to something: Who needs live music when you have hollograms?

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05. Michael Jackson: Can the King of Pop live forever? He can with this technology. There's enough archival footage of him to re-create some of the most classic shows on the planet. If not, he was mostly plastic anyway, so a life-size recreation would probably not be that hard to fashion. Who knows? A flawless reproduction of Thriller might just be what this country needs to pull itself out of a recession.

04. Ozzy Osbourne: The guy can still rock. That goes without saying. But should he? After St. Louis based Cofactor Genomics proved he actually possesses Neanderthal genes in his drug-riddled double helix, the questions remain as to whether or not he should still perform. Would you pay to see Ozzy Osbourne sing "Crazy train" at Ozzfest? No. Would you pay to see a perfect recreation of Black Sabbath slay through "N.I.B.?" Hell yes.

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