Meet the muralists of SnowBall Music Festival

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Daniel Chavez was one of the local artists at work. He explained that the whole project was put together by Jon Lamb and Michael Ortiz, co-founders of arts collective Like Minded Productions.

Chavez's other work appears in galleries and on buildings throughout the city. He mentioned a mural he completed at the north end of I-25 in Denver, of six portraits depicting the cultural history of the neighborhood. "Native Americans, Jews, Hispanics, Irish, and Italians," he said, referring to the cultural mix that gave north Denver its distinctive vibe.

The SnowBall piece is less straightforward. The painting, a young woman's face blurred and backdropped by a Hubble-esque image of a galaxy, was one of the more photorealistic murals at the fest. And it was remarkable; a small portrait-sized replica would sell easily in a gallery.

But what do these murals have to do with an EDM festival?

"There's a natural connection," Chavez says, adding that live art fits well with live music. The attraction to SnowBall, with its collective "fuck it, do what you want" mindset, is understandable. Of course a mural of a hula-hoop sized young girl's face in a galaxy makes sense here. Everything makes sense here. "I thought this would trip people out," Chavez added. True, true.

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