Microsoft rumors update: Janet Jackson and Usher at Red Rocks on Friday? Not so much.

Update (07/22/11): So here's the very latest word that we've heard. After Arts & Venues Denver spokesperson Kristin Rust debunked the rumors earlier this week that Janet Jackson, Usher and Red Hot Chili Peppers would be performing at Red Rocks tonight, there's word that Christina Aguilera and Nickelback are the acts due to perform this evening for invited MGX guests. Keep in mind, even if this turns out to be true, there are no tickets available, the event is NOT open to the public.

Update (07/21/11): So we just heard from our friends at Arts & Venues Denver that the rumors that have been circulating are untrue. Although department spokesperson Kristin Rust confirms there is an event happening on Friday, none of the acts mentioned here and elsewhere -- Janet Jackson, Usher or the latest rumor, Red Hot Chili Peppers -- will be on hand, and she stresses that as the event is NOT open to the public, there are no tickets available. What's more, if fans show up, they will be turned away.

Original item (07/19/11): So this week the Microsoft folks are in town for some big techie to-do. We'd be lying if we said we had even clue one as to what the computer-centric confab involves day-to-day, but from the sounds of it, at night, it's like All-Star Weekend for nerds.

At least that's what it seems like from we've heard in terms of which entertainers have been tapped to entertain the geek squad. Our favorite rumor so far: Janet Jackson and Usher at Red Rocks on Friday, with murmurs of another superstar appearance. True? Who knows? Even if it is, the show will most certainly be closed to the public. Regardless, we'll keep you posted.

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