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Mochipet spins on December 10 at City Hall

Mochipet's ramshackle rambling through the world of music highlights just what can be done with a little technology and a lot of imagination. The experimental/hip-hop DJ (also known to the world at large as David Wang) is all over the place, remixing everyone from Kraddy to Michael Jackson, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony to R Kelly and Fliami Vice. You might hear searing, anthemic guitar lines paired with wobbly bass and gabber-style vocals, or pop-heavy hip-hop lyrics layered over deep, distorted bass and computer-generated beeps. Mochipet, however, is at his best when reworking pop-heavy R&B singles into a sound that's exponentially more intense. The raucous, stylish result is catchy and easy to dance to — but it also makes for interesting, engaging listening; it's hip-hop (and electronica) at its best, incorporating a vast range of samples and transforming the inspired mish-mash into something much greater than the sum of its parts. Catch him on Friday, December 10, when he plays City Hall, 1144 Broadway.

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