Monotonix frontman breaks leg at gig in South Florida

Holy hell! Anyone who saw these guy at Monolith last year had to have seen this coming sooner or later. We've just heard from our friends in South Florida that Monotonix frontman Ami Shalev broke his leg last night at a gig in West Palm Beach. Given the unpredictable and combustible nature of Monotonix's live shows, hearing about something like this happening seemed as inevitable as waking up everyday to emails from complete strangers inexplicably concerned about helping you maintain your errection.

Our sister paper Miami New Times was there last night and caught the aftermath on film. The way we hear it, some people in the crowd, who presumably thought it was part of the act when Shalev cried out for help, taunted him, calling him a pussy. "But Shalev was obviously in pain," recalls MNT music editor Arielle Castillo. "'Pussy yourself, you motherfucker,' he yelled, wincing and grabbing his thigh. 'What we need here is a doctor or a paramedic, or a wheelchair. Or just a chair.' He repeated the request again at least twice."

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