Moving Pictures: A first look at A Shoreline Dream's "Manhattan Beach" video

Playing like a vivid dream sequence in which the members of A Shoreline Dream gently lull you to sleep, the act's new video for "Manhattan Beach" looks precisely what you'd expect it to look like just based upon hearing the band's dreamy compositions.

Extreme close-ups of the members faces and their instruments are layered upon one another forming a composite image that gradually blurs and then comes into focus. Although there's no still life shots of landscapes or train stations, the stylized clip somehow adeptly manages to capture the distinctive overall aesthetic the group has already established with the artwork and photos that adorns its fliers and recordings.

On a related note: The band, which recently replaced longtime bassist Enoc Torraca with Adam Edwards, has been tapped to perform at the nx35 festival -- a four-day, pre-South By Southwest music conference in Denton, Texas, featuring the Flaming Lips, Midlake, Horse Feathers, HEALTH and more than 150 other acts -- on its way to perform at this year's SXSW. Catch the band at the hi-dive on Thursday, March 4, with Pena and the World Romantic before it heads to the Lonestar state.

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