Moving Pictures: A first look at Dent's "Sun Showers" video (Denver version)

All right, so back in December we posted the version of this video that was shot in New York. That clip inspired equal amounts of praise and criticism, with a few folks opining that the transitions weren't very creative, and worse, that Dent's female counterpart in the video wasn't very attractive. We heard there was an alternate version in the wings directed by old school, homegrown, b-boy legend Marz that pulled from footage shot at the Shoppe at the beginning of November.

Well, we've since had a chance to screen the hometown version, and if you didn't care for the transitions in the last one, we're not sure you're going to be any more impressed with this one. And you're also going to notice that the visual narrative of the NY version seems to follow the song's premise a little more literally. This clip -- which is notably brighter and, ahem, easier on the eyes -- features Dent, clad in a baker's apron over a shirt that name checks Denver's major arteries, yukking it up behind the counter at a cupcake shoppe (natch), playing to the camera in between giving dap to various customers and waiting on a steady stream of incoming lovelies. Have a look.

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