Moving Pictures: A first look at Flobots' "White Flag Warrior" video

Ah, now, see, this is why you reserve judgment until you see the final product. Last week, we posted a behind the scenes clip about the making of Flobots' new video for "White Flag Warrior," the first single from the act's sophomore album, Survival Story, due in stores tomorrow. Before we got a look at the additional footage, we wrongly assumed this was going to be another one of those incongruous, band-performing-in-the-middle-of-the-desert-for-no-apparent-reason-other-than-it-looks-cool clip. And while that's still essentially what's happening here, it now has a bit more context and a semi-linear story attached. As it turns out, Flobots provide the soundtrack for appears to be inevitable beatdown. The band plays as a hapless young man (white flag warrior, we presume?) runs through the streets of a non-descript town on the outskirts of Mojave desert, pursued by various unknown antagonists who evidently mean to do him harm. We have no idea what he did to stir their ire, but from the cut on the kid's lip, it looks like eventually catch up with him.

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Dave Herrera
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