Moving Pictures: ManeRok and Es-Nine bring their "A Game"

Earlier this week, we made mention of ManeRok striking out on his own, and now, thanks to director Chad Bardon, we've got our hands on the video for one of the first solo tracks to surface from MC, a cut called "A Game," featuring Es-Nine on the decks, from the pair's forthcoming EP, En Stereo, which is due out next summer. The clip, directed by Bardon, is part of a show currently being pitched called Garage, which will focus on local acts and be broadcast in ten different cities across the country. Keep an eye out for The Mighty Mane Rok Presents the Truth, an EP that Mane plans to drop just after the first of the year. Another video, which is in the works for the new EP, is reportedly being directed by Eric Heights (Deca, 3 the Hardway, The Pirate Signal).

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