Moving Pictures: Matt Morris -- pinch his cheek or punch him in the face?

We predict that Matt Morris is going to provoke one of two reactions from folks as he navigates his way through the shark infested waters of the music industry: They're either going to find his wide eyed wonderment completely endearing and want to pinch his cheeks incessantly like somebody's grandma, or they're going to going to want to punch him in the face. Go ahead and mark us down in the former column.

If you're in the latter, and you find such unaffected overtures -- which Morris has been gracious enough to share with us netizens, BTW, in real time -- completely nauseating and insufferable, congratulations! You're probably the same type of jaded, cynical bitterman who enjoys stepping on bugs. If you ask us, regardless of how you feel about his music, watching moments like this, in which he marvels at hearing his song played on the radio for the very first time, is, well, refreshing.

His excitement is as palpable as it is invigorating. And there's just something refreshingly sincere about the guy. He operates without a sense of entitlement, which you'd think he'd have especially considering the undeniable leg up he has being pals with Justin Timberlake, whose label he's signed to and whom we're pretty sure is very well connected -- you don't generally get booked on Letterman right out of the gate.

Nevertheless, if you follow Morris on Twitter, he seems genuinely awed by the fact that his upcoming Bluebird date has nearly sold out. If nothing else, his outlook reminds us what this whole music making thing is truly all about -- and hell, life for that matter -- namely, savoring each and every moment and taking time to mark every milestone along the way. After all, the joy is in the journey, right?

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