Moving Pictures: OK Go evades obscurity once again with another cool video

Video killed the radio star, eh? Pshaw! More like video made the radio star. Ask the lads from OK Go. You remember them, right? Affable group of guys from Chicago, had a few moderately catchy tunes, played Monolith last year? Hmm... still kind of drawing a blank?

All right. How about this: Remember that ridiculously creative and totally memorable video a few years back that featured a bunch of dorky looking dudes doing a synchronized dance routine on treadmills? Uh-huh. Thought that might jog your memory. That's OK Go. Song was called, "Here It Goes Again."

Anyhow, the OKie blokes are back with another inventive clip. This time around, the gents dawn marching band outfits and trudge through the woods with an actual, um, marching band (from Notre Dame, we hear) and ... well, if we tell you anymore, we'll just ruin it for you. Head on over and check out the clip for "This Too Shall Pass" -- which, incidentally, like "Here It Goes Again," was reportedly shot in one-take -- for yourself (we'd embed it, but alas embedding has been disabled by request).

Also, when you get a chance, check out the band's new record, Of the Blue Colour of the Sky, in stores today from Atlantic. It's strong enough, from what we've heard, to be memorable on its own -- with or without a snappy video.

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