MP3 Freeloader: Behold the majesty of Yawn Tron


last week's issue

, we weighed in on

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, the brand new Yawn Tron record and also the latest release from the burgeoning

Bocumast imprint

. "Had Front Line Assembly emerged now instead of in the '80s and dispensed with vocals entirely,"

wrote Tom Murphy

, "it might have come up with something like this. Unlike that act's catalogue, however, this release is exuberant and playful rather than dark and desperate." From what we've heard, Murphy's assessment of the collaboration between


mastermind Tom Metz and drummer/vocalist Shane Zweygardt of

Wire Faces

is pretty spot on. By all means, though, don't just take our word for it. Check out the promo video after the jump and then make your way to the

Bocumast site

to dowload a free copy for yourself.

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