MP3 Freeloader: Gangcharger at the Meadowlark on Saturday

Formed from the remnants of Mansfield, Gangcharger has steadily made its mark on the scene, offering a jagged, distorted counterpoint to kindred textured acts such as Overcasters and Sonnenblume, armed with an intimidating arsenal of careening guitar lines, thick penetrating rhythms and insistent, incisive vocals. "Recalling Sonic Youth at its heady peak, the group's sound is wrapped in dynamic layers of razory melodies and thick rhythms swimming amid textured streams of distortion and white noise," wrote Tom Murphy earlier this past summer. "If you tend toward cleaner tones and harmonies, Gangcharger's splintery, albeit electrifying, output may be something of an acquired taste. On the other hand, if you're a fan of noise rock of any stripe, or you like your music almost aggressively raw, this act is the embodiment of both." Couldn't have been said any better. In advance of Gangcharger's show tomorrow night at the Meadowlark with Night Shark, Accordion Crimes and the Outfit, we've posted a song called "Cellular Memory" from the band's forthcoming record after the jump. Enjoy!

Download "

Cellular Memory

Cellular Memory

" by Gangcharger

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