MP3 Freeloader: Sample new Scaffolding release with "Mass"

The latest release from Scaffolding, a Denver-based electronic stylist, aims at fusing elements of IDM to minimal techno. To help spread the word about the release and wht your appetite, Plastic Sound Supply are giving away "Mass," an intriguing, accessible track that meshes abstract, tweaked-out synth patterns (the IDM side) with a beautiful bassline and nice steady four/four pulse (the minimal techno side) -- and throws in an a crazy-ass breakdown almost halfway through to sweeten the deal, before devolving to a weird, ponging, slightly choppy breakbeat to wrap things up.

In all honesty, it's probably the best track I've heard from Scaffolding yet -- his stuff has always struck me as more interesting than engaging, but this one hits all of its marks. Success! If you need more enticement, you can also listen to snippets of the rest of the album and download a free hour-plus long DJ mix of minimal techno and IDM that includes tracks from Matthew Dear, Booka Shade, Trentemoller, Ellen Alien and more. Get it all on the PSS release page for Narratives by Scaffolding.

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