MP3 Freeloader: Sneak Peek - the Jim Jims' new album

Update: Yes, we know we posted this last week, but we thought we'd bring it back to the forefront to remind you about the show tonight at the hi-dive and to provide a link to Tom Murphy's Rough Mixes feature running in this week's paper.

Let's hear it for more new music! Better yet, let's hear it for more FREE, new music! Wait, even better -- how about more FREE, new music that kicks ass? Sound good? Yeah? Dig this: Hot Congress affiliates, the Jim Jims, are preparing to release their brand new EP, Bottom of the City, next week at the hi-dive in the company of the Kissing Party, Vitamins and Gangcharger. In honor of the occasion, we convinced the band to bless us with a copy of the new disc, impeccably recorded by Bryan Feuchtinger of the Hot IQs (for a little while longer) and Accordion Crimes, that we're now blessing you with. Well, not the whole thing, of course, just two of our favorite songs -- the first of which we premiered on last week's Mile Hi-Fidelity, BTW -- to tide you over until next Friday, May 15, when you can stop by the hi-dive and pick up the whole thing for yourself. Download "City City" and "Horny" after the jump. Rock!

Download "City City" by the Jim Jims

Download "Horny" by the Jim Jims

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