MP3 Freeloader: Sneak preview of DJ Soup/Ideal Fathers remix EP

Right now, in his secret dance-music laboratory, DJ Soup is hard at work cooking up some intriguing dancefloor takes on the Ideal Fathers crazed, kinetic post-punk sound. The plan is to release a remix EP of all of the songs on the Fathers' recent debut in at least one remix -- right now that looks to be four mixes by Soup, and the awesome chiptunes re-rub of "Failing at Friendly is not an Option" by the Fathers' bassist Mike K. that we blogged about the other day. Soup says it should be finished by September and in DJs hands and area dacefloors soon after. In the meantime, he's offering up the first finished remix, "The Tendrils of Unreason" (KingSOUPers Save me from her Tentacles Remix). It's a funky breakbeat take with a sweet bassline and some nice vocal edits that manages to remain recognizably the same song while shedding its post-punk skin for a sleek dancefloor outfit. Grab it after the jump.

Download "

The Tendrils of Unreason" (KingSOUPers Save me from her Tentacles Remix)

The Tendrils of Unreason" (KingSOUPers Save me from her Tentacles Remix)

by the Ideal Fathers/DJ Soup

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