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MP3 Freeloader: Tonight, Cowboy Curse at hi-dive

Tonight at the hi-dive Cowboy Curse is set to return to the stage with Bad Luck City and Overcasters, which should make for a truly extraordinary show. The outfit has finally recorded some new music (we say finally because we've seriously been jonezin' for some new stuff) that it shared with us, which we're now in turn sharing with you. Ironically, especially considering that the impetus of tonight's show is to help Radio 1190 raise funds for its next Local Shakedown disc, the band has opted not to issue any more traditional records and will instead be releasing a pair of singles every month digitally via download cards. The first of these tracks, recorded at the band's Weather Center Studios by drummer Erin Tidwell, with some assistance from Kurt Ottaway from Overcasters, is a tune called "Negative Space." Download it here for free after the jump, and then pick up a download card from the band to get your hands on the other song, "Pass the Pills." Enjoy!

Download "Negative Space" by Cowboy Curse

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