MTV reports on what's in 3OH!3's travel bag, tests their red-carpet skills

MTV's ongoing love affair with the dashing young gentlemen of 3OH!3 continues unabated. Just the other day, they delivered this in-depth

expose of what the guys pack in their carry-on luggage

while flying around the globe living the jet-set lifestyle of electro-crunk superstars on the way to winning (we hope) that coveted "Best New Artist" award at the MTV VMAs. The shortlist includes a book, some headphones,

The Pocket Reference Guide

and stuff like clothes, naturally. If you don't like reading words, there's video embedded after the jump of the crucial "what's in the bag?" question as well as yet


video, a pop quiz on Sean Foreman's red-carpet skills.

What's in the bag?

Are you ready for the red carpet?

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