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Muse dazzles crowd at Pepsi Center - 10.02.10

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Other noteworthy highlights: Bellamy and company treated us to sixteen or so bars of "House of the Rising Sun" as an intro to "Time Is Running Out," and during the first song of the encore, a dozen or so giant eyeball balloons filled with confetti were tossed into the crowd and subsequently bandied about by fans before being popped. The show ended with bursts of smoke exploding along the parameters of the stage like flash pods.

Overall, it's safe to say that Muse possesses a stunning degree of musicality and showmanship that far exceeds whatever influences may be embedded in its fabric. More impressive is the level of rock Muse manages to create with just one guitar (it took the revered Radioheads three to make such a fierce, triumphant noise).

CRITIC'S NOTEBOOK Personal Bias: The Bends and OK Computer had an immeasurable impact on me as a music fan and both rank in my personal pantheon of all-time classic albums. As much as I admired Radiohead's subsequent artistic progression, Muse filled the post-Computer void created by Kid A, Amnesiac, et all. Songs like "Unnatural Selection" makes the hair on my arms stand up. Random Detail: Bassist Christopher Wolstenholme had at least a dozen picks fastened to his mike stand, even though he played the bulk of the set with his fingers. By the Way: From the looks of the setlist at, Muse switched things up a bit from the other shows on this tour.

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