New Local Shakedown comp offers exclusive tracks from d. biddle, more

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If you need to catch up with the local music scene in a hurry -- or just keep up with it, if you're already up to speed -- you're going to want to grab the new, third Local Shakedown CD compilation. Coming Friday, October 16 from Smooch Records, the double-disc bonanza features 41 songs from local artists and a cover from our very own Noah Van Sciver. Amongst those 41 tracks are a bunch of unreleased tracks, including a few exclusive to this CD such as d. biddle's entry, "You Are the Sea."

All that music will set you back $11.90 (see what they did there?) at Wax Trax, Twist & Shout or Bart's CD Cellar, who are collectively co-releasing the comp. Each of those locations is also hosting a release party with live music from some of the featured bands over the release weekend. Hit the jump for a full schedule of events and a tracklisting.

Tracklisting (**) indicates that song is currently unreleased ($$) indicates that song is exclusive to this CD

Disc One 1. Magic Cyclops - "Intro" 2. Mr. Pacman - "David Blaine's Erotic Mansion" ($$) 3. Fire Drills - "Hole For a Heart" 4. The Kissing Party - "The Heart of It All" 5. Young Coyotes - "Buried" 6. Dethbox - "xhatexedgexonxthexstraightxedgex" 7. otem rellik - "Better Times" (**) 8. Kal Cahoone - "Build the Fire" 9. Littles Paia - "Cyberpunk's Not Dead (for Tom Murphy and Carles)" ($$) 10. Multicast - "Hawaii" ($$) 11. Pictureplane - "Cyclical Cyclical (Atlantis)" 12. Swayback - "Steamrolling" (**) 13. Bad Luck City - "Stevie Johnston" (**) 14. Elin Palmer - "Time" 15. Reverend Deadeye - "Snake Bite" 16. Crack Magik - "Ike Turner" 17. Wire Faces - "Portable Castles" 18. Cowboy Curse - "Negative Space" 19. Overcasters - "Way of the World" 20. The Wheel - "Oil and Lavender" (**) 21. Munly and the Luprecalians - "Grandfather" (**)

Disc Two 1. Aδnka - "Mylarism" (**) 2. Bad Weather California - "I Don't Know" 3. Lady Parts - "Mums for Mice" (**) 4. The Omens - "She's Just Fine" 5. Moonspeed - "27000 MPH" 6. Chad Price - "With Bleeding Wrists" (**) 7. Married in Berdichev - "Funnel Clouds" (**) 8. Coconut Beach - "I'm Gone" (**) 9. BDRMPPL - "2013 Pt. 2" ($$) 10. Milton Melvin Croissant III - "Blizzaga" (**) 11. Thee Goochi Boiz - "Summer Song" (**) 12. Paper Bird - "Lost Boys" 13. Roger Green - "Get Up" (**) 14. Bela Karoli - "Prelude 3" (**) 15. d. biddle - "You Are the Sea" ($$) 16. Blue Million Miles - "Pterodactyl" (**) 17. The GetDown! - "The First 'A' in Omaha" ft. Carrie Beeder and Sara Fischer (**) 18. Wentworth Kersey - "Wealth" 19. Cacheflowe - "Flowebot" ft. Brer Rabbit 20. Time - "Cockroach Goddess"

Release parties

Friday, October 16 Twist and Shout 2508 East Colfax Avenue, Denver 6 p.m. - The Kissing Party

Saturday, October 17 Bart's CD Cellar 1015 Pearl Street, Boulder 2 p.m. - Thee Goochi Boiz, otem rellik, Aδnka

Sunday, October 18 Wax Trax 638 East 13th Avenue, Denver 2 p.m. - Bad Weather California, Magic Cyclops, The Fire Drills, The GetDown!

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.