New Pictureplane video for "Negative Slave" is bonkers for UFOs, pyramids and crystals

We've grown to expect offbeat videos from Pictureplane over the years, but the just-released video for "Negative Slave" officially takes the cake as one of the most subtle yet oddly unsettling videos in his repertoire. While it's full of insidious and easy-to-miss oddness, if you pay close attention, you'll possibly end up learning something -- or, rather, Pictureplane hopes you walk away knowing a little more about yourself.

According to a blog post over at Pictureplane headquarters, "Negative Slave" is more than just a quirky song title; it's an entire idea. In Travis Egedy's own words, it's "someone who is free from control."

The video expresses this idea by using footage of Egedy's trip (literally, he was on LSD) to Teotihuacan, near Mexico City, and combining it with footage from around Colorado, including, rather perplexingly, supposed UFO hotspot Nederland. Aliens make a couple of appearances as well, which leads us to believe there must be some type of correlation between the pyramids, aliens, acid and Pictureplane.

All of that said, Egedy claims the initial intention was to create a lifestyle video, not a conceptual one, meaning, to some extent, that he views his lifestyle as a crazy trip involving so much magic that it's seeping out of crystals. Whatever the intent, we're into it for the little twirly helicopter alone.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.