New York Times critic praises Nathaniel Rateliff

So just in case you were wondering how well Nathaniel Rateliff is being received in other parts of the country, check this out: Last week, he caught the notice of Jon Pareles, the highly estimable pop critic for the New York Times, who saw fit to include Rateliff's show at Le Poisson Rouge in the paper's week ahead picks -- in lieu of any the other acts making their way to the Big Apple last week, incidentally. Read what he had to say after the jump.

"Sometimes a whisper can be as urgent as a shout. Songwriters performing in New York this week sing softly and carry big emotions. NATHANIEL RATELIFF is a folky songwriter from Denver whose home territories are despair and regret: "Is there a blanket of pain that I can wrap up in?" he sings on his new album, "In Memory of Loss" (Rounder). He's more existential than confessional, slinging images rather than stories, with hints of both Leonard Cohen and Dave Matthews. His music expands from his bare-bones acoustic guitar and grainy voice to plugged-in crescendoes and harmony chorales that offer solidarity, if not exactly consolation..."

Uh, holy crap.

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