Next Astrophagus gig to feature Astrophagus playing, uh, its own songs?

Last night, I was bellied up to the bar next to Jason Cain at Sputnik, and he was telling about this show that his band, Astrophagus, has coming up on Saturday, April 4, at the hi-dive. If you look on the hi-dive's calendar, it's billed like any other show -- Cain's crew with Blue Million Miles, Dormir and Wire Faces. But my man gave me the lowdown on this particular gig, which he and his mates have dubbed Revenge of Astrophagus. The plan is for Cain and company, with the help of Ieungliss's Tom Metz, to play Astrophagus songs. Yeah, I know, nothing novel about that. But here's the rub, as you've probably deduced from the headline above: The guys are in the process of completely deconstructing their own tunes, only to reinterpret them as glitchy electronic songs. I don't know about you, but that sounds potentially jarring, definitely unusual and totally worth seeing!

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