Nine Denver Bands You Didn't Know Were Dating IRL

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6. Ancient Elk

Multi-instrumentalists Cody Coffey and Megan Crooks of Ancient Elk admit that being in a band together hasn’t always been pure romance, but they certainly seem to tolerate each other, to say the least.

"As a couple, we share each other's experiences of pain and pleasure,” explains Coffey. “We've struggled as artists together. We've had beautiful experiences with our friends together. We've lost our minds together! As songwriters, we have drawn much of our fuel for songwriting from the things we've gone through together: homelessness, loss, redemption, vice and love, to name a few."

7. Jobless

Nothing says romance quite like two kids who meet in high school, go away to the same college, start a band and play surf-rock tracks in dark venues together. This is the story of how Jeff Koehler (vocals and guitar) and Jackie Hay’s (drums) young romance bloomed — one to tell the grandkids.

8. You Never Were

Lead singer Catie Rauhala and guitarist Christian Andrew Gutierrez of Colorado Springs-based band You Never Were, have been making what they call “Alternative Post-Emo Pretty Punk” music as a couple for over three years now.

"People like to say it's a bad and messy idea to do any work-related things with a significant other, but for us, it's been one of the best ideas we've had,” Rauhala says. “When you click creatively with another person, dating or not, it would be pointless to fight the urge to work together artistically. Working together is the perfect way for us to show utmost respect for each other's talents."

9. Dressy Bessy

Tammy Ealom (vocals and guitar) and John Hill (guitar) are something of Denver rock-music veterans. The two have invested decades in their indie band Dressy Bessy, and have somehow managed to maintain a relationship with each other throughout the tumultuous years playing music. "We've been in Dressy Bessy together for twenty years and still kinda like each other very much," Ealom says.
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