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Nobody Does It Better

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The best tracks on the album come from music from other films. They improve on Barry's somewhat ponderous action cue "007," which recurs through several movies, by playing it with boisterous brio straight from a New Orleans street parade. The band also shines on covers of two theme songs, "You Only Live Twice" and "Nobody Does It Better," composed by Marvin Hamlisch for 1977's The Spy Who Loved Me. The band drops its manic showmanship for a more relaxed, resonant approach. The former features Bernstein's slide trumpet in full glory -- sly and super-sexy -- while Krauss's saxophone is at turns sweet and, with a growl, insistent. The two create a song that is lusty and sad at the same time. The Sex Mob Soul Choir comes in to end the tune on a rousing, almost-Brazilian bent. "Nobody Does It Better," meanwhile, simply smolders like a slow, bluesy gospel tune, dripping with erotic oomph.

Sometimes it sounds like the Mob is a bunch of madmen banging away on their instruments. But something of that Barry essence squeezes through. If listening to Sex Mob Does Bond isn't enough to make you feel like you actually are Bond (like the best of Barry's themes do), then the band captures what one imagines as the flushed and woozy feeling of getting hammered with 007 in a sleazy bar in, say, Bangkok, as he recounts his favorite world-saving exploits.

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T.R. Witcher