Now, that's dedication. It's also, um, forever.

Platinum records? A sold-out tour? Countless songs licensed? A female following that presumably rivals Oprah's? Pffft -- all things that time will inevitably erase. Now, a tattoo, on the other hand -- that shit's forever, man. Apparently no one mentioned that to the lovely young lass pictured at left, who's proudly sporting the bursting lightbulb image from the Fray's multi-platinum debut, How to Save a Life. While we can't help but admire the devotion, frankly, we're completely non-plussed. Really? You sure about that, young lady? The whole tattooing-of-band-iconography-on-your-body phenomenon utterly baffles us. Years ago, our sister-in-law wisely opted to have the Evanescence logo emblazoned on her arm. (How's that working out for you, BTW, Sheri?) Here's to hoping that your passion never goes out of fashion, little sister.


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