OK Go gives the world the OK to help its new video (ahem) Go viral.

Remember yesterday when we wrote about OK Go and heaped praise on the LA-by-way-of-Chiago act for evading obscurity once again with yet another clever new video -- you know, the one with the marching bands and all that?

Seems we weren't the only ones completely aghast that the video couldn't be embedded. Having noticed that the clip for "This Too Shall Pass" had yet to go viral like its predecessor "Here It Goes Again," which got, like, fifty bazillion views or something, NewTeeVee blog called the dudes out yesterday, chiding them for, among other things, allowing their record company to disable embedding.

As is won't to happen in this here digital age, the post caught the attention of frontman Damian Kulash, who, after pinning the blame on Atlantic, fired back in the comments, saying, "Perhaps it's your passion to sit here and count the numbers, but ours is to make things that we're proud of."

As you can see above, OK Go has since posted the clip on Vimeo, presumably in defiance to the imprint's wishes. An excerpt Kulash's response explaining why is posted after the jump.

"As for the issue of geoblocking, we're incredibly upset that the youtube versions of our videos can't be embedded. Just one more example of major labels accelerating their own demise. We (and every individual band out there) have exactly zero leverage in this particular battle, however. So we post to other sites as well. The TTSP video will be on vimeo today. This kind of fragmentation means we'll probably never see the likes of 50 million hits on a single posting ever again, but who cares? Perhaps it's your passion to sit here and count the numbers, but ours is to make things that we're proud of. And the TTSP video is great. (As is the song, in my admittedly prejudiced opinion)."

Doesn't it seem like this whole biting-the-hand-that-feeds thing is becoming something of a trend (see: Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien, etc.)? Admirable or stupid? Both?

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