On High Gets Rechristened - Exclusive MP3 Download

Remember this past November, when I wrote about Chris Fogal's new doom metal super group, On High, featuring Ian O'Dougherty, Matty Clark and Dave Barker? I directed you to their page on, which at the time had three free songs posted for download from their forthcoming disc. Those who were astute enough to visit the site, should be glad they did. That page, those tunes -- and pretty much any signs of On High -- have gone the way of Friday Night Lights.

Worry not, headbangers: As it turns out, the band didn't go up in flames on the launch pad. Rather it's changed its name to TaunTaun (that wooly, llama-looking, snow creature from Star Wars pictured above, which is far more metal). No explanation was offered for the new handle, but we're guessing that TaunTaun just sounds more metal -- it does to us, anyway.

Anyhow, we've been blessed with a brand new song from the still-forthcoming album, which we're, of course, now bestowing on you. It's a pretty kick ass track, more Motorhead/Lemmy than Ozzy/Sabbath, this time out.

A release date, as well as word on when the act will make its live debut, is still up in the air. Fogal and company are currently all occupied with an array of other projects: Fogal just finished producing the new Stereotyprider album; Ian O is editing the new Ian Cooke DVD and working on a solo album; Matty Clark is finishing up a new Sleeper Horse disc; and Dave Barker will be heading into the studio with Rocky Votolato shortly. This much we do know, however, the legendary Lindsey Kuhn has signed on to do the artwork, so you know it's going to be killer. We'll keep you posted as things progress.

In the meantime,

click here

click here

to download "Behold the Priestess" or stream it below

-- Dave Herrera

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