One of Denver's Most Wanted rappers is now, uh, evidently, wanted for real it seems

Whether they admit it or not, all artists crave notoriety. With that in mind, file this item under: Be careful what you ask for. As true as the maxim can be about there being no such thing as bad publicity, a local rapper is gaining the type of notice that he'd no doubt just as soon avoid. This morning, Denver Police spokesman Sonny Jackson sent out an alert asking for help in identifying an MC named Gorilla, who was allegedly involved in an armed robbery. According to Jackson, "Two armed gunmen kicked the front door of the victim's home and ordered the family to get down. One of the victims recognized one of the gunmen to be a local rapper 'Gorilla' that he had previously met."

Evidently, the unnamed victim had met the suspect previously and had actually been in touch with him in an effort to sell some of his own CDs.

We vaguely recognize the cat. We sort of remember seeing him around one time on the streets hustling his music. Regardless, he's been otherwise putting in work on the rap front, having appeared most recently on Playalitical and Dank 1's now ironically dubbed mixtape, Denver's Most Wanted 3. Even so, he hasn't quite achieved the type of widespread acclaim yet that translates into instant name recognition.

That said, caging Gorilla may prove to be challenging for Denver's finest. For our part, we'd honestly have a hard time picking him out in a lineup, much less telling you anything else about him, such as his given name. What we can tell you, however, is that the track that Gorilla does with Fat Lee on Denver's Most Wanted 3 is pretty aight. Our bad for sleeping on the dude. At any rate, if the streets know what's cracking, you can bet that mum's the word there. Ever hear the saying, "Snitches get stiches?" Where do you think that gem of wisdom was coined?

In the unlikely event that some canary out there is willing to sing, however, DPD urges a phone call to Crime Stoppers (720-913-STOP) and promises their identity will remain anonymous and they'll get a stack of loot ($2K) for their troubles.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.