P-Nuckle gets new rhythm section, takes new direction on The System, forthcoming album

Sounds like the P-Nuckle dudes are shuffling the deck again. The band is about to play a new hand on its new album, The System, the follow-up to Stand Up, last year's primarily reggae-driven record. Flush with a new rhythm section, the outfit is leaning more toward a heavier, old school punk approach while incorporating electro elements into its sound.

"I'm really excited to play distortion again," says P-Nuckle frontman Chris LaPlante. "I think our last album was slow. I'm trying to make it more angry. I was talking to a friend recently and telling him it felt like this last album cut my balls off," he says with a laugh, adding, "We'll still have a pretty heavy reggae influence, but we're going to add electro."

LaPlante attributes the stylistic change to the influence of the Dirty Heads and the fact that the band got away from the original idea of playing punk with reggae in it and found itself growing older and playing straight-up reggae tunes. The plan for the new album, which is nearing completion is to release two separate albums, one with the heavier electro sound and one with more of its traditional reggae punk sound.

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