Pepsi Center dumps Ticketmaster
An image from the Pepsi Center website

Pepsi Center dumps Ticketmaster

If you aren't an avid reader of the ticketing industry website Ticket News, you may have missed the news that the Pepsi Center is dumping Ticketmaster. The venue will be switching to TicketHorse, a ticketing company owned by Kroenke Sports Enterprises, owner of the Pepsi Center and several other local venues. Not coincidentally, those other venues are also ticketed through TicketHorse. The only reason the Pepsi Center hadn't switched before now is a ten-year licensing deal with Ticketmaster that just expired.

Don't get too excited, though -- the difference for ticket buyers will be minimal: basically, a different URL in your browser as you're getting ripped off by outrageous fees. Despite the fact that KSE will now be bumping their revenues up by doing everything in-house and cutting out the middleman, I wouldn't count on them passing the savings on to you. Last I checked (which was just today, by the way) TicketHorse is also a fan of ridiculous fees that hose down consumers. Buying a single-day pass for Mile High Music Festival at $90 racked up an additional $13 in fees, including a $10 "convenience" fee. That pushed the ticket price over $100. Convenient indeed -- for KSE, anyway.


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