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Phish getting comfy on night two at the 1STBANK Center - 10/11/10

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I also had the pleasure of standing next to the craziest taper I have ever seen during "Jibboo." For starters, you have to to be somewhat nuts to be a taper in the first place. Dragging thousands of dollars of electronics to a concert where people dance drunkenly in the dark around you is way too much stress for me. But this guy was tippy-toe dancing over his recording gear with headphones on, listening to the show he was actually at.

The band must have been feeling the Farmhouse album, because four of the songs last night came from that album -- the last of which was "Twist." Gordon took control of this tune, laying down thick underwater-sounding bass lines that rang around the arena like a bell.

I slowly made my way back to the upper level during this tune, walking entirely around the near-empty lower ring past a handful of cops watching highlights of Monday Night Football on a bar television. For the second night in a row, the band left me feeling like it had switched up the set closers. While the nostalgia-heavy lyrics and straightforward rock and roll of "Backwards Down the Number Line" has grown on me a lot over the last year, it should have come before the almost-always epic "Fluffhead," not after.

Admittedly, the intricate beauty of the composed section of "Fluffhead" and its cathartic release at the end is my favorite Phish composition, but I won't be that whinny, nitpicky Phish head and complain about such things. Especially not after how well both tunes were played.

The first encore of the night was the goofy "Sleeping Monkey," which featured Fishman letting everyone know in his beautiful falsetto just who sent home his monkey on the train as he belted out the lyrics over McConnell's gospel-like organ swells. The band ripped through a quick "Tweezer Reprise" to end the set, with Anastasio dancing around on stage and high-stepping through his final peaking guitar solo.

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