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Platte River Killers

Few young acts have their own sound from the get-go — and right now, the Platte River Killers are in the imitation stage. Their hard-rocking work is generally effective, but they'll have to go beyond mimicry if they want to be remembered for themselves and not just for the bands they like.

There's no denying the skillage on display. Singer Ryan Hader is a strong presence with a variety of voices; he unfurls most of them during "The Eye." Likewise, guitarist Paul Gutknecht, bassist Ryan Boyajian and drummer Mikey Curtis form a tight trio, and they prove their value throughout "Entrapment," which shifts from heaviness to melodicism and back again.

The results recall at least a dozen famous metallurgists — and that'll make it difficult for the average person to differentiate Platte River Killers from their influences. They've got all the tools to be a strong band. Now they just have to use them to build something unique.

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