Politicians, pundits and pop stars quiz: See if you can tell the difference based on these quotes

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3. RUSH or RUSH LIMBAUGH? The definition of "natural," and the credibility of science, are topics often debated in Washington, as well as being the subjects of most music involving drum machines or Tolkien references. So who was it, the oxy-loving pundit that warned us about the global-warming hoax or the Canadian prog-stars who warned us of the dystopian 2112, that gave us this existential creed: "Science, like nature, must also be tamed"?

4. SCOTT WALKER or SCOTT WALKER? All eyes are on the partisans and the pop stars, and when the spotlight becomes blinding, you see who has the stomach for fame. So who was it, the '60s pinup turned reclusive musical genius or the simple Midwesterner turned anti-union whipping boy, that gave us this line about public disillusionment: "Wondering what all these young hot-heads want from us"?

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