Politicians, pundits and pop stars quiz: See if you can tell the difference based on these quotes

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7. GEORGE CLINTON or HILLARY CLINTON?. Again, whether you work in the capital of our nation or for Capitol Records, if you don't have the look, you don't have a hook. Whether it's Bret Baier's plastic lego hair, or David Bowie's nuclear-orange mullet-poof, hairstyles are often a measuring stick of public currency. So who was it, the godfather of acid-funk or the maternal icon of feminist ambition, that confessed to his/her own crimes of self-reflective fashion: "I'm undaunted in my quest to amuse myself by constantly changing my hair"?

GEORGE W. BUSH or BUSH? Intellectualism is a virtue prized neither in politics nor music. While songwriters let their work speak for themselves and often loathe interviews, politicians let their speechwriters craft their sentences and save their true intentions for legislation. So which brilliant wizard of words was it, the most famous offspring in presidential history or the most famous husband in rock history, who gave us this magical phrase about wholeness: "Got to feel less broke, more fixed"?

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