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Pretty Lights drops new EP, will debut new drummer at Wanderlust before sold out Red Rocks date

Spilling Over Every Side: That's the name of Pretty Lights' latest release, and what a perfectly fitting title it is. Derek Vincent Smith simply just doesn't stop. Smith, of course, is Pretty Lights' mastermind.

When we last checked in with Smith in March, he had just released his new EP, Making Up a Changing Mind, and turned in a stellar performance at the Ogden Theatre in front of a sold out crowd, his fourth consecutive sellout that same week (a feat which earned him a Best of Denver nod), including dates at the Aggie in Fort Collins, the Gothic Theater, and Fox Theatre and Boulder Theater. That same night, he announced his upcoming headlining date at Red Rocks, which has now, unsurprisingly, also sold out.

Since then, Smith has crisscrossed the country playing countless shows, where he undoubtedly made even more new fans. Along the way, he somehow found time to record another new EP, Spilling Over Every Side, the second of three planned releases this year, which like past efforts, is available for free download on the Pretty Lights website.

"I really tried to push my style with this EP and explore several different genres, sometimes within the same song," Smith explains in his newsletter. "The songs are long and there are a lot of parts... I guess, because that's what I want to hear... fresh, intricate, beats that attempt to communicate ideas or tell a story somehow."

If that weren't enough -- seriously, given this guy's tireless work ethic and his noted prolificacy, he could've probably come up with a solution for the whole BP debacle in the time it's taken you to read this aside -- he's somehow manged to carve out time to break in a new drummer, Adam Deitch, who's been tapped to replace Cory Eberhard, and who will make his debut this weekend at the Wanderlust Festival in Squaw Valley, California.

No word yet on Eberhard's plans for the future, but we presume he'll probably be devoting more time to DubSkin, his other project, which itself is due at Red Rocks on August 28 for Reggae on the Rocks.

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