Pros vs. Joes karaoke tonight at Herman's Hideaway

Okay, so how many times have you went to a show, watched a band and thought to yourself, I can out sing that dude in my sleep!? If this sounds like you, here's your chance. If you've secretly harbored the desire to get up onstage and showcase your pipes but don't have the time nor the wherewithal to actually, you know, form a band, write songs, book gigs and all that, tonight is your night. Adding a cool twist to an already unique approach of having a live band (Guitar Villans) lay down backing tracks for karaoke, tonight Herman's has tapped a few local frontman of acts such as Spools of Dark Thread, the Threatened and No 1 Left Standing to throw down alongside the rank and file. Sounds like a kick. You in? We hear you do a pretty kick ass Bon Jovi.

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