Queensized Pairings: Top 10 Queen Mash Ups

While we were trolling YouTube this morning, killing at least an hour watching and listening to all these awesome mash ups (yes, we know mashes are so completely played out at this point) by this Austrailian DJ named Schmolli, we noticed an inordinate number of Queen mash ups.

So what is it about the songs of Freddy Mercury and company that lend themselves to reinterpretation? Dunno. But since we were already there and all, we figured we'd pull together and rank the ten clips that grabbed us. Some of the pairings, as it turns out, work rather well, while others, not so much. Check out which ones made the cut after the jump.

10. Hey Ya! We Will Rock You: The worst pairing of the bunch, this composite isn't bad so much as it just feels forced, like having dinner with the inlaws.

09. Bleeding Ga Ga:Queen's "Radio Ga Ga" mated with "Bleeding Love" from Leona Lewis -- someone who makes radio programers go ga ga. Makes sense on paper. Better in theory than in practice, though, it turns out.

08. Crazy Little Thing Called Fergalicious: The first of three variations of this tracks posted here, this is the probably the most incongruous marriage. Even so, it succeeds in making Fergie somehow seem palatable.

07. Crazy Little Beautiful Stranger Stranger, eh? You think? Could've fooled us. These two sound like a couple of long lost soul mates that were always meant to be together.

06. Crazy Little Thing Called Rehab: This pairing works very well. Not too surprising, really. After all, the words "crazy" and "Amy Winehouse" are virtually synonymous by now, aren't they?

05. Another One Bites the Funk: Evidently, a similar mash up comes stock on DJ Hero. This version, however, appears to have come out two years earlier, from what we understand. Either way, two great tastes that taste great together

04. Bohemian December: Despite the fact that the pitch shifting here makes Mercury sound like us before our balls dropped, the backdrop Queen sets for Jay-Z's a cappella adds an unexpected heft.

03. We Will Rock Beverly Hills: Here's another one that goes down surprisingly smooth and easy. Well, not that surprising, we suppose. The riffs and beat are very similar, which makes this marriage a bit of a no brainer.

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02. Novacaine Rhapsody: Aside from making us realize how much the opening beat to this Green Day song sounds exactly like "Bullet the Blue Sky," this pairing works surprisingly well. One of the most worthwhile mashes here.

01. Queen will Slay You: Slayer and Queen: Need we say more? This is the most fearsome, evenly matched pairing since Simmons and Klosterman matching wits on the BS Report.

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