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Quentin Young

Passion of the Loose Cannon, With Remarks, the followup to Do-Si-Do for Your Girl, is a bit disorienting at first. There's a lot going on here. The album opens with a gal talking about seeing the Quentin Young Band at some seedy dive and remarking that the show was amazing, and there are other snippets scattered between the tracks, which can be distracting. Once you get past that, however, Passion offers some decent songs about everything from war and fascination to love and infatuation. "An Accurate Portrayal of Amy," one of the album's high points, starts off with Young singing along with his acoustic twelve-string and ends with a rocking coda. On slower acoustic cuts like "You Became a Thing" and "War and Peace," Young channels Bob Dylan's slight rasp. And the heavier numbers thrown in to round things out make it clear that Young and company have no problem rocking out.

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